August 15, 2011

Experts: Bachmann Plans To Fix Gays In The Military

The following statement about Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s stated intent to reinstate the military’s ban against gay and lesbian troops can be attributed to Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center:

“Congresswoman Bachmann has a consistent approach to fixing the problem of gay people, first with so-called ‘reparative therapy’ and now with the reinstatement of the military’s ban on openly gay service. She has stated that as President, she would turn back the clock to prevent gay and lesbian troops from serving honestly, ignoring the conclusions of senior military leaders, the Pentagon Working Group and foreign forces, all of whom find inclusive policy to be no big deal. Under Representative Bachmann’s proposal,  the U.S. Armed Forces would become the first nation in the world to undo the repeal of a gay ban.”