Policy Guidance

In addition to conducting scholarly research and communicating its findings via the media, the Palm Center became a trusted resource for policymakers, military and political leaders, and journalists seeking a clear understanding of the substance and meaning of relevant policies and laws. Officials and the public also sought to learn what the research says about the impact a given policy change would likely have on the personnel, culture, morale, and overall mission of the military, as well as any legal impact it could have. Policy guidance documents are usually, but not always, shorter than in-depth research reports and scholarly studies, and may include brief memos and “explainers” highlighting and interpreting key text so as to demystify complicated policy or legal language.

Below are several examples of Palm’s most effective policy guidance products. The full collection remains available throughout our website.

Cost to VHA of Providing Transition-Related Surgery, December 2014

Blueprint for Immediate Restoration of Inclusive Transgender Military Policy, July 26, 2020

The Making of a Ban: How DTM-19-004 Works to Push Transgender People Out of Military Service, March 20, 2019