January 22, 2019

Memo on Supreme Court Decision to Stay Preliminary Injunctions, Allowing Transgender Military Ban to Go into Effect

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– The Palm Center  has released the following memo providing a concise summary of facts on transgender military service and implications of today’s Supreme Court decision suspending a string of preliminary injunctions that had blocked President Trump’s transgender military ban from going into effect.

The policy memo, along with on-the-record comment from Palm Center Director Aaron Belkin, can be viewed in full, here.

The memo outlines the following facts that should guide discussion around transgender military service as the military weighs the issue: 

(1) Inclusive policy has been successful for over 2.5 years.
(2) There is no valid medical or military rationale for the ban.
(3) Reinstating the ban would harm military readiness.
(4) The Trump policy is an outright transgender ban, targeting all 14,700 transgender troops.