March 28, 2019

Palm Center Applauds House Passage of Measure Supporting Transgender Military Service

Resolution Condemns Trump Ban, Urges Pentagon Not to Discriminate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Palm Center Director Aaron Belkin issued the following statement in response to today’s passage by the House of Representatives of a measure supporting transgender military service.

“We applaud the House of Representatives on the bipartisan passage of this important measure supporting inclusive military service.  Congressional leaders of both parties, along with military leaders across the board, and 70 percent of the public, all favor letting patriotic transgender Americans serve their country.  It’s only Donald Trump’s political calculations that stand in the way. We hope the Senate will take up this measure immediately to show its support of all of our patriotic troops.”

The resolution, which was authored by Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) had 187 co-sponsors, states that the House “strongly opposes President Trump’s discriminatory ban on transgender members of the Armed Forces” and “urges the Department of Defense to not reinstate President Trump’s ban on transgender members of the Armed Forces and to maintain an inclusive policy allowing qualified transgender Americans to enlist and serve in the Armed Forces.”

All five service chiefs have told Congress they experienced no problems with unit cohesion during the first two years of open transgender service, and senior and retired medical and military figures, including former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, have said inclusive service promotes readiness.

Two recent polls, by Quinnipiac and Dalia Research, found that 70% of respondents favor allowing transgender Americans to serve in the military.