June 24, 2012

Palm Center: Gay Service Likely To Continue In Romney White House

Republican Armed Services Chairman Not Interested in Overturning Gay Service if Romney is Elected

June 24, 2012 – Los Angeles – Today, Palm Center Executive Director Dr. Aaron Belkin released the following statement in response to reported remarks by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon’s (R-CA) with regard to openly gay service. He reportedly stated, “We fought that fight” and “That’s not something that I would personally bring up.”

Belkin stated: “The political tide appears to be catching up with the hard evidence that overwhelmingly supports openly gay service in the military. Chairman McKeon’s comments affirm that openly gay service is likely to continue after the November elections in an Obama or Romney White House. The details; however, are critical as this issue’s future is subject to the rules and directives of any new Administration.”

The Palm Center will release a detailed and independent report on the first 12 month’s of openly gay service in the U.S. Armed Forces in September, 2012.