July 13, 2015

Palm Center Statement On Pentagon Plan To Review Ban On Transgender Service

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Following Secretary of Defense Carter’s announcement today of a review of the Pentagon’s ban on service by transgender personnel, Palm Center director Aaron Belkin offered the following statement:

“Today’s announcement is welcome news, not just for the 15,500 transgender personnel serving currently, but for all Americans. The review process should proceed quickly, and should be informed by social science research and the lessons of 18 foreign militaries that have lifted their bans and found that inclusive policy is not difficult to formulate or implement.”

Last year, the Palm Center released a study, Report of the Planning Commission on Transgender Military Service,” that found that allowing transgender personnel to serve in the military “is administratively feasible and neither excessively complex nor burdensome.” The authors of that study, who included three retired General Officers as well as leading scholars and experts, provided a detailed roadmap for the policy change and concluded that implementation could proceed immediately and will be successful in its execution.

The Palm Center’s research on this topic can be viewed here.