Homosexuality And The Israel Defense Forces: Did Lifting the Gay Ban Undermine Military Performance?

by Aaron Belkin and Melissa Levitt June 1, 2004

Armed Forces and Society, vol. 27, no. 4, 2001

Statement of Authors’ Affiliations:

Aaron Belkin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military. His research interests include gays in the military, civil-military relations, and social science methodology. He is co-editor of Counterfactual Thought Experiments in World Politics, published by Princeton University Press in 1996. Melissa Levitt is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. Her research interests include Israeli politics, survey research methods and immigration policy. In addition to her scholarly work, Ms. Levitt has conducted research for both private and public organizations, including the Center for Urban Research in New York.