May 5, 2017

Retired Military Officers Call for Withdrawal of Mark Green’s Nomination as Secretary of the Army

Record of Intolerance and Division Is a Threat to Military Values


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 10 retired Flag and General Officers released the following statement today calling for the withdrawal of Mark Green’s nomination as Secretary of the Army:

“As retired Flag and General Officers, we believe Mark Green is unfit to serve as the next Secretary of the Army. State Senator Green has a history of demeaning LGBT Americans, Latinos, and Muslims, and of denying basic healthcare to women. The military we served embraces diversity as a critical component of readiness, and relies on a diverse fighting force to protect a nation founded on the principles of tolerance and inclusion.

We acknowledge Mark Green’s military service record, which otherwise and standing alone would be considered a plus in a nominee. However, his statements and actions since that service disparage thousands of men and women who have also served the Army admirably and honorably. Mark Green’s professional history suggests that he is not​ prepared to treat all military members and their families with the respect and dignity they have earned. Appointing him to lead the largest branch of our military wouldundercut Secretary Mattis’s efforts to strengthen our armed forces and would risk creating uncertainty, favoritism and unequal standards.

“We urge President Trump to withdraw his nomination as Secretary of the Armyimmediately.”


Signed By:

Lieutenant General Arlen D. Jameson, USAF Retired

Lieutenant General Charley Otstott, USA Retired

Major General Irv Halter, USAF Retired

Major General Dennis Laich, USA Retired

Major General Gale Pollock, USA Retired, CRNA, FACHE, FAAN

Rear Admiral David Oliver, USN Retired

Rear Admiral Al Steinman, USPHS/USCG Retired

Brigadier General John Douglass, USAF Retired

Brigadier General David Irvine, USA Retired

Rear Admiral Michael Smith, USN Retired

 * The views expressed in this statement by retired U.S. Armed Forces are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of their Service or the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.

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