October 9, 2018

Supreme Court Could Allow Trump Administration to Reinstate Transgender Ban

Palm Center Memo Outlines Implications of New Supreme Court for Military’s Transgender Policy

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Senate’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who takes his seat today on a bench considered more conservative than at any time in recent memory, could put the fate of transgender troops at risk, according to a memo released by the Palm Center.

The Trump administration will argue an appeal tomorrow in federal court seeking to lift a preliminary injunction that has prevented it from implementing a promised ban on transgender troops. The Palm memo explains that an appeal of that decision could end up in the Supreme Court, and outlines the implications of the Court taking up the case.

“Transgender personnel have served successfully and openly for the past two years, and military leaders have confirmed that inclusive policy has not compromised cohesion or readiness,” said Palm Center Director Aaron Belkin. “Six former U.S. Surgeons General, three former military Surgeons General, the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association have confirmed that the Defense Department’s stated rationale for reinstating the ban is not supported by evidence and does not withstand scrutiny. If the Supreme Court allows the Trump administration to reinstate the ban, it will compromise military readiness, set a precedent for the treatment of women and other minority groups, and directly harm thousands of Americans who volunteered to serve their country.”