October 23, 2018

Trump Administration’s Latest Attack Betrays Honorably Serving Transgender Troops

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Following reports the Trump administration plans to define the word “sex” as biologically immutable in order to dismantle legal protections for transgender Americans, Palm Center Director Aaron Belkin issued the following statement:

“While the Trump administration ramps up its attacks on the transgender community to score political points, thousands of transgender Americans continue to serve their country in uniform every day, earning praise from senior military leaders and peers alike.

“After two years of successful open service, Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley said, ‘I have received precisely zero reports of issues of cohesion, discipline, morale and all those sorts of things’ related to transgender troops. The Air Force’s top enlisted leader, Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth Wright, affirmed, ‘We take care of them just like any other airmen.’ The Navy’s top enlisted sailor, Master Chief Petty Officer Steven Giordano, told transgender sailors, ‘We are honored and blessed to have you on our team, and you will continue to have my support.’ 

“The achievements and sacrifices of these transgender patriots remind us how much our country stands to lose when transgender Americans are attacked for political reasons instead of welcomed for their contributions to our nation.”